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Standard sizes

Standard sizes have been established based on image size. Standard size panels are available in Ambiance LED  and Ambiance NL models, in flip frame, magnetic frame, single, and double sided versions. 

Standard formats for the LED basic frame are the same size, but indicate the overall formats (not image formats)

For our complete standard format price list, fill out the form on this page or contact us.

  Format d'image
  Largeur  Hauteur 
  11'' (279mm)   14'' (356mm)
  16'' (406mm)  20'' (508mm) 
  20'' (508mm)  24'' (610mm) 
  24'' (610mm)  30'' (762mm) 
  24'' (762mm)  36'' (914mm) 
  30'' (762mm) 
36'' (914mm) 
 40'' (1016mm)
48'' (1219mm) 

Custom sizes

It is always possible to order different sizes of standard formats. However, they must be between 8'' x 8'' and 48'' x 96''. Please make your selection from the form on this page, taking into consideration that our standard sizes are always more cost-efficient.